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Happy Customer Comments

“You guys did an awesome job with the sandwiches for our wedding! Super eats at a great price! Thank you!!!”


“Is it crazy to plan my next place of residence to within a 10 mile radius of Epic Deli? Me thinks not.”

– Joseph

“Wanna give a shout out to the crew working last nite. My subs passed security w/ no issues. Thnx again. If you guys ever want to open down in Atl, you already have some fans.”

– Bridget

“I love you guys”

– Keri

“Dear Epic Deli,

Whoever made my potato skins just now is a culinary genius. These seriously are the best potato skins I’ve ever eaten.

Sincerely, me lol”



“EPIC DELI boy’s are god’s amongst men”



“Wishin’ I could win one of those dank subs right about now. 😀 BEST SAMICHES EVA!!! (Within walking distance too)”



“I Loved the The Ivan Drago I had it last night thinking about how good another one would be during the bears game :)”



“I’m going to be in Johnsburg for Christmas next week… and i’m going to destroy one of these cheesecakes.”



“I ordered the Raspberry Kringle! Can’t WAIT to eat it. You guys rock :)”



“FINALLY got to try a delicious cheesecake from EPIC DELI yum”



“You guys have the best sandwiches EVER……thank you for existing!!! 😀 i won’t get sandwiches anywhere else”



“I love you guys :)”



“the jimmy cliff is the best thing ever ill be back for another tomorrow”



“Def getting a piece of that wow you guys make some amazing cheese cakes!!”



“How do I “like” this about fifty more times?!?!?”



“u gotta get you some….and the shakes and the deep fried everything ….. i likey!!!”



“We had Epic last night, and the Pictures don’t do it justice!! The Food is amazing!!”



“Ready or not, here I come for some of this soup!”



“The Lane Meyer rocked.. All the flavor of a quality reuben, but in much neat packaging :)”



“Thank you for improvising my kid’s sandwiches, making new creations just for them!”



“I looked up your Viking Quest…. and it does indeed look like an impressive meatstack…”



“OK the cheesecake is the BEST EVER, do not leave without dessert at EPIC DELI, too bad for my family they didn’t have more, it’s going, going, gone in a few seconds. Wow, what incredible flavors, it’s like a chocolate fantasy, there are even chunks of brownie mixed into the fluffy chocolate cheesecake and caramel drizzled over it, what a masterpiece!”



“Just had this the other day, it was awesome!”



“EPIC DELI certainly lives up to its name. I highly recommend the buffalo wings, but everything is awesome!”