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pulled pork, fried chicken strips, cherry coke bbq sauce, bacon and mozzarella sticks! Served on a toasted sub roll!!

bacon, lettuce, tomato, and chipotle mayo! Served in between two bacon cheeseburger dip and mac n cheese stuffed grilled cheese sandwiches!!

pulled pork, root beer bbq sauce, fried chicken strips, and merkts cheddar infused mac and cheese! Served chimichanga style in a deep fried wrap with an extra side of root beer bbq sauce!

a chi-town style Italian beef chimichanga! Italian beef, mozzarella cheese, and hot giardiniera served in a deep fried wrap chimichanga style!!! Served with a side of heartbreaking dawns creamy white tiger horseradish sauce!

Italian beef, french fries, nacho cheese, chopped bacon, giardiniera, and ghost pepper ranch! Served on a toasted sub roll!!

pulled pork, jamaican jerk chicken, pepper jack cheese, mac n cheese bites, bacon, ranch cheese spread & topped w/cool ranch Doritos 

sliced oven roasted chicken breast covered in buffalo hot sauce, ranch cream cheese spread, and mac n cheese bites served pressed in between a pepper jack, cheddar cheese and bacon quesadilla!

homemade Italian beef, cheddar cheese, bacon, french fries, brown gravy, and topped with some fresh Wisconsin white cheddar cheese curds! Served on a toasted sub roll!!

Over a half pound of bacon piled on texas toast, topped with our bacon aioli, lettuce and tomato with your choice of deli salad

pulled pork, rootbeer bbq sauce, cheddar cheese, country fried bacon, ghost pepper slaw, fried jalapeno caps & habanero pickles!!!

housemade falafel, tsziki sauce, lettuce, and tomato! served in a pita!

swiss, avocado, onion rings, yellow mustard, fried pickles, garlic dill sauce, bruchetta, lettuce, and italian vinaigrette. Served on a sub roll! Created by Matt Skiba of Alkaline Trio!

deep fried shrimp, lettuce, tomato, and our cajun remoulade!! Served on a sub roll! (Formerly known as THE RALPHIE)

Italian beef, chopped italian sausage, bacon, hot giardinera, gyro meat, tzatsiki sauce, and mozzarella served on a toasted sub roll!!!

house made italian beef, mozzarella cheese, Eric’s award winning bruschetta, balsamic reduction & parmesan croutons!!  served on toasted garlic bread!!

cocktail meatballs, BBQ pulled pork, bacon, mozzarella & grilled pineapple

classic tuna salad, lettuce, tomato, red onion and italian vinigarette.

ham, roast beef, xtra cheddar, mayo, lettuce, tomato, and topped with cheetos.

homemade barbecue pulled pork topped with creamy cole slaw.

turkey, chicken, dill havarti, ranch spread, red onion, mixed greens, dill pickles and giardiniera.

turkey, bacon, swiss, mayo, lettuce, tomato and onion.

italian beef topped with mozzarella, topped with italian beef, topped with mozzarella, then with giardiniera.

ham, pepperoni, salami, pulled pork, capicola, bacon, procuitto, pepperjack, white bbq sauce and topped with creamy coleslaw.

barbecue pulled pork, bacon, cheddar, habanero pickles, frizzled onions.

over a half pound of steamed corned beef or pastrami served on rye! Topped with your choice of mustard, 1000 island, Russian dressing, sauerkraut, or coleslaw! And served with a deli salad of your choice

the dorito-wich thumbnail

ham, cheddar, provolone, mayo, lettuce, tomato slices and doritos to top it off As a kid it was always cool to add your side item to your sandwich, we have now made it socially acceptable for anyone to have your chips a part of your sandwich with the dorito-wich. If you are a fan of Read More

meatball sandwich topped with homemade marinara and mozzarella.

turkey, bacon, pepperjack, avocado, tomato and jalapeno aioli

chicken, bacon, provolone, lettuce, tomato and ghost pepper ranch

jamacian jerk chicken, pepperjack, mango salsa, grilled pineapple.

turkey, pastrami, salami, bacon, ham, pepperoni, roast beef, pepperjack, provolone, cheddar, banana peppers and ghost pepper ranch. VICTORY!

procuitto, salami, capicola, mortadella, pepperoni, provolone, italian vinaigrette, lettuce, tomato, & onion