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Hot Dogs

a beef hot dog battered in a PBR beer batter and fried! Topped with chili, nacho cheese, and onions! Served on a pretzel hot dog bun!!

a jumbo beef hot dog dipped in batter and crusted in Doritos and then deep fried! Topped with pulled pork, carolina mustard bbq sauce, and chopped bacon! Served on a pretzel hot dog bun!!

chili, cheese, onion and fritos

hot dog topped with mustard, relish, onion, tomatoes, celery salt, dill pickle spear and sport peppers

hot dog topped with home made chili, nacho cheese, and onion

hot dog topped with nacho cheese

hotdog topped with bacon and nacho cheese

topped with pastrami, swiss cheese and cole slaw.

  bacon wrapped deep fried hot dog topped w/ barbeque pulled pork and coleslaw.